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For my website analysis and site map I chose For folks like myself that have enjoyed the spirited rock/metal music that Spinal Tap has been creating for more than two decades this website is a terrific homage. The point of the website layout is clear; buy the music. Virtually everywhere there’s video clips or sound bites there are links to other sites for easy purchase. Amazon, iTunes and imeem are just a few of the virtual retailers available on Spinal Tap’s website that offer immediate downloads of new material and old material, they also include links to other Spinal Tap related websites and forums.
Drawing resources from early “Tap” footage in conjunction with new interviews, the website seamlessly represents the group as Spinal Tap and not as the actual actors that comprise the band. Plus, for the real “Tap” zealots there are lots of running jokes such as volume knobs that go up to eleven and tiny little stonehenge markers that act as page links. If someone that doesn’t know the history behind Spinal Tap happened to stumble upon this page they would probably just think of it as a group of geriatric rockers trying to hold on too dearly to the good old days. As true as that may be, I think that anyone with a keen eye would find the humor that has made “Tap” survive to see their twenty-fifth anniversary. Having access to newspaper and magazine articles also helps to keep the page visitor informed, as does the band biographies.
Having a link on the menu page header for the new album and the ability to listen to the title track on the homepage the site is centered around their newly released album “Back from the Dead”. With access to the lyrics, track listing and step by step assembly instructions for the Spinal Tap diorama they also have supplied a link for fans to submit their photos of the before mentioned diorama. This allows people to feel like their in direct contact with the group and also with other fans. The new album itself contains two CDs with DVD track by track video commentary, showing that the band understands todays CD purchasing dilemmas and is willing to go above and beyond to entice it’s target demographic.
Along with classic Spinal Tap gothic fonts and a new short film exclusively available on iTunes (which marks iTunes’ first original film) the boys are back and they’re looking to get paid. There’s a short biography under “the band” icon that helps to bring the uneducated “tapper” up to speed plus a whole slew of images that give the viewer an idea of what the band is about on stage. They have also included tour information for their “One Night Only World Tour!” which has two dates, one of those dates includes special guest “The Folksman” and tickets were available through a direct link to
The biggest fault I have found with the website was that it hasn’t been updated in a couple of months, the tour that was mentioned earlier was in June and the album was released in August. There was also a video contest that ran from June 23 to July 23 and I couldn’t find any information about winners or even if the entries were still under review. Not bad compared to other sites that have not been updated in years but success in todays on-line market needs to be kept up on almost daily. The site could also have benefitted with a little more interaction, maybe a game where you could employ different methods for killing their drummer (another running joke being “Taps’” inability to keep their drummers alive) or maybe a template to design a stage setup for one of their live shows pulling from different items they’ve used in the past.
The site offers everything needed to become well versed on who Spinal Tap is and offers many different outlets for purchasing current projects and past ones alike. Along with links to other “Tap” related sites, photo galleries, videos, press releases, contact information, tour dates, songs, interviews, and biographies Spinal Tap proves that they are not yet tapped out and have a good understanding about marketing and how people are buying music nowadays. Colorful, easy to navigate, relatively up to date and chock-full of information, was a fun site to critique and I’ll definitely return to it to gather more information on Spinal Tap and what they’ve got in store for the future.


Website Design Project

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This is the webpage I created for singer/songwriter Anne Archer

Stills Editing

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Video Editing Project

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